Mother nature in its ever glistening ingenuity has crafted mankind, block by block,bit by bit,in an intriguing hierarchy which biologists would love to call ‘levels of organization’.The building blocks are what we would call cells, cells which beget tissues,and tissues which stack up into organs, and organs which affix in different forms and shapes to become systems, and thus, biologists will love to coin another line called’ Complexity of Living Things’. A phrase that has given birth to division of labour and specialization.Thus, every facet spins along with its role but just like the ozone with the bad gases, and the sun by the moon in eclipse, this natural phenomenon is offset many times in a frame of ‘immortality’ and we begin the gist about cancer…

Thus, today we have chosen to be the voice reaching out to the millions afflicted by this dreaded disease.We want to bring a message of hope, to steer it in our hearts that henceforth, this is our fight. We stand up against this ruthless parasite wherever it chooses to pitch its tent (breast, cervix, brain, bone etc) because it is not just a cohabiting parasite, it is highly promiscuous, it ruthlessly attacks one structure and afterwards, it goes after the other..

We raise our voice to all the chubby that has become lean,to all those ladies with a strange mark on their breast, to all those men who suddenly begins to experience difficulties urinating, to all the chronic alcoholics and cigarette smokers coughing up blood, with swollen abdomen and legs, begin your run now in search for your doctor and don’t stop until you find him..Early detection is the key. It is so devastating because for some of us a particular kind runs in our bloodline ,but early detection saves..

We speak to you who fear chemotherapy and radiotherapy’ that is the weapon of demise for these immortal cells’.Your hair will fall, your nails too, you will be beaten down and weak, resources drained but your life saved.
Hear me the world at large,today and at this date every year we have declared cancer a foe to what is precious ‘life’. Let us stand with ourselves whether with our resources, our voice, our knowledge. Cancer is unacceptable#We Have Chosen This War,And This Will be My Fight Now,It Should Be Yours Too, It Should Be Ours Always. #worldcancerday #WHO

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