The Biography of Kofi Annan: 31 May

The Biography of Kofi Annan:

The Biography of Kofi Annan:
It is no secret that with so many eras passed the explorer has become the explored, the great rabii has saddled its back to pinch off some crumbs from the table of the once petty student, as Africa has wielded a wild course of revolution that has left humankind in awe…
Western Africa was ravaged by the famous Apartheid regime which was let loose by the prowess of a great leader Nelson Mandela,in the Subsaharan Africa, Nigeria beats its gong for freedom and this gong was grabbed by The Great Zik of Africa and its rhythm went round the whole world.. But these great diplomats forged their craft from a tutelage and courage mustered from the Gold Coast, as their dauntless actions set the stage for the African revolution..The Gold Coast gave life to this great diplomat Kofi Annan who continues in the path of his fathers and has set the world in a great pedestal of peace..
He was born in Kumasi in the then Gold Coast at 8 April, 1938 from whence an 80years cycle which began in Macalester college where he acquired a degree in economics, and then in International relations at Graduate Institute Geneva, and, in management at MIT. He joined the UN in 1962 and served in various capacities which includes:Bugdet officer for WHO, manager of the state owned Ghana Tourist Development Company in Accra, head of personnel for office of the UN High Commission for Refugees, Assistant secretary General, and, this reached its apogee when he became the secretary general in 1996.
Hailing from the Ashanti tribe of Akan in a family of two siblings including his twin sister Attah,Annan understood that the suffering of someone anywhere is the suffering of people everywhere and this spurred his peace campaigns as the administrative head of the UN office. Rwanda and Syria witnessed his immense works, he formed various panels for establishment of peace across the globe,he launched the Millennium Developmental Goal, United Nation Information Technology, The United Nations Global Compact, Establishment of the Global Fund, his works echoed in Iraq, he fought sexual harassment, he formed the famous Kofi Anna’s foundation..
He was married the Alakijah and had three kids, they later divorced and he got married to Nane Annan.He died at the age of 80 in Switzerland following a brief illness in 18th August, 2018.
This great hero will forever be loved in our hearts as he is referred to as a champion of peace, and, as good for all…

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