Initiative for Food Environment and Health Society (IFEHS)  registered in Nigeria with Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC/IT/NO 31730) on 17th March 2009 is a not-for-profit organisation charged with creating real and positive lasting change in the lives of the poorest Women, Children, Aged and Youth. We do these by enlightening our local communities in addressing the Education, Environmental, Agriculture and Health challenges that affect them while promoting cooperation, partnership and networking between government, civil society and the public for sustainable development.

Our team holds a combined experience of over 60 years and this has obliged us the opportunity to make lasting interventions in different areas of leading development issues including; Education, Research and Documentation, Health, Agriculture and Food Security, Environment, Income Generation, Economic Empowerment, Gender and Development, Climate change, Conflict Management and Peace Building.

We also create awareness about development projects; get feedback from the beneficiaries to ensure social accountability in the development sector.


IFEHS work with people at grassroots to define their Agriculture and Livelihood, Environment, Health and Society challenges and design strategies to address them. We also work with the government at policy level to influence policies that affect Agriculture and Livelihood, Environment, Health of the people- Fixing the Both Ends.

We believe in Social inclusion, transparency, accountability and strengthen systems that support them.  IFEHS has a robust institutional capacity and human resources to effectively improve sustainable community in Nigeria. Our staff work hard as a team, are passionate, committed and open to learning.


To be the center of excellence in Social Inclusion, Voice and Accountability and economic development


The strategy has thus been summarized as follows;

• Gender mainstreaming

• Community Driven Demand approach (CDD)

• Sensitization/Awareness and campaign

• Grassroots project implementation

• Social Advocacy/lobbying

• Research and documentation

• Capacity building

• Networking, collaboration and coalition building


  • To enlighten and mobilize our local communities of development opportunities around them while promoting participatory development between government, community and Civil Society
  • Build institutional, community and Civil Society capacity for open governance, social inclusion and economic development
  • Create demand for improved governance and Equity
  • To create a healthy society for wealth creation through health education and promotion for communities and individuals especially women.
  • To promote partnership that will enhance local economy using environmental improvements that creates sustainable safer communities for health living


Integrity: to maintain highest standards of accountability and transparency in management of resources and processes.

PASSION: to imbue our activities with zest and selflessness.

EMPATHY to be sensitive to those we work with and work for.

COMMITMENT TO SERVICE: to remain resilient in carrying out our activities, against all odds.


Behold our committed partners who have made our project, services and all the impacts we have made on the lives of the people so far possible.