Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project-NEWMAP  

NEWMAP is a World Bank assisted project that is being implemented by Federal and several states government where the gully has impacted negatively. The NEWMAP, project is in different components which are; Resettlement Action Plan through compensation, Gully stabilization by civil work, catchment planning-bio remediation, water harvesting, alternative livelihood implementation, Climate change adaptation and other related activities for sustainable environment. 

By project design NGOs are engaged to facilitate social mobilization for the implementation of the project activities in the affected states.

Serving as the Umbrella NGO that coordinates the activities of State Focal NGOs (SFNGOs) by ensuring Social Coordination,Social Mobilizationand Accountability, capacity building and training the SFNGOs as Training the Trainers, monitor their activities and then reporting to the Federal Project Management Unit of NEWMAP.